Step by step

1. Advice
Solar Constructions takes sufficient time to supply specific advice for every project.

2. Energy needs analysis
Solar Constructions will calculate whether it is cost effective to install solar energy for your company. We will analyze your energy needs based on consumption.

3. Visiting the site
Depending on the energy analysis we will calculate whether you have enough roof space or other to make sure solar power is sustainable. The analysis numbers will allow the Solar Constructions team to see how much you can save with solar energy.

4. Construction formalities
The Solar Constructions will contact the local municipality to determine whether restrictions for solar power systems are in place. Depending on local guidelines we will arrange the permits.

5. Planning and product choice
Solar Constructions will research which solar products suit the projects best, the placement of the products, the fixtures, converters etc. We will keep your wishes in mind regarding the size, architecture of structure, esthetic appeal, energy goals etc.

6. Design
Solar Constructions will present an installation plan with the products from the planning department which is most profitable for your project.

7. Financing and subsidies
Solar Constructions guarantees personalized service en will research all available subsidies. If needed financing for you solar/pv system can be supplied. Together we will look at the most interesting financing solutions.

8. Installation and check up
After the installation out installers will do a first checkup of the electrical installations with measurements of currency and voltage. After this a local authorized electrician will be asked to check the system completely when the solar/pv system is hooked up. Most solar installations require this checkup and the Solar Constructions team will communicate this to your local power supplier.

9. Reporting to power supplier
Solar Constructions will communicate the installment to your power supplier.

10. Maintenance.
After the project in installed the Solar Constructions team will advise you on optimal maintenance to get the highest grade of solar efficiency.