Agricultural Solar solutions


Solar solutions for agricultural buildings or volticulture.Solar Constructions offers the following solutions for your solar installation. For a tailored solution we will send a project manager to the constructions site to assess the situation.
Flat Roof
In case of a flat roof several options are available to place solar modules. Solar Constructions will analyze the structure to see what systems are most beneficial and cost-effective.
Flat roof Solar   Flexible panels
The low weight of flexible solar modules makes them ideal for flat rooftops without water   puddles. The installation of flexible solar panels doesn’t require perforation of the roof.   The modules are discrete and built in concerning the environment.
Solar Support Structure   Support Structure
Solar modules can also be mounted on a support structure on flat roofs. These supports   are made of aluminum or other prefabricated elements. We advise to increase the holding   weight with concrete or pebbles. The solar panels need to face south and set up at an   angle of 34 degrees.
Slanting/pitched roof
Many rooftops of commercial buildings are slanting. Solar Constructions offers mounting elements for these solutions but also offer Built in photovoltaic systems BIPV or integrated solutions.
Slanting/pitched roof   Slanting/pitched roof
Solar panels on slanting roofs will be attached by elements that make the panel seem to   float or hover over the roof itself. The panel follows the angle of the existing rooftop.
Integrated modules or BIPV Built in photovoltaic   Integrated modules or BIPV Built in photovoltaic
On pitched or flat roofs panels can be placed on the roof but can also become part of the   structure. Built in photovoltaic are mainly used in new structures for integrated unity.

Facade solar panels

Solar panels can also be integrated in the walls or facades of buildings also named BIPV.
Slanting against facade   Slanting against facade
If there is no possibility of placing solar panels of rooftops there is an option of mounting   the panels to the walls. The modules are mounted on a 35 degree angle by a mounting/   support structure against the facade. This solar solution also provides shade underneath.

Open Field

Open Field   An open field solar installation is interesting for companies who need a large system to   generate power whether for own use or for selling purposes. The support structure can   be made in various potions. From concrete blocks to poles.

Rotating solar solutions, Solar trackers

Solar trackers   Solar panels are mounted on poles with an engine that enables to solar panels to   continuously and independently follow the sun or track the sun for best efficiency.