Solar facade Solar cladding

Energise your fa├žade with architectural solar panels for building integrated photo-voltaic panel systems. Solar cladding allows you to integrate solar cells into the skin of buildings.

A solar facade system converts sun rays into energy and most facades can be used for solar cladding.

Ventilated solar facades technology offer many advantages:
electricity production
facade insulation
extra thermal properties
noise reduction
modernization of old facades

solar energy facade system

solar energy facade system, solar panel wall mounting systems, solar cladding solar facade

Solar facade systems guarantee harmonious integration of photovoltaics into building facades. Solar facades for green electricity.

solar cladding with ventilated space

bipv solar cladding with ventilated space, solar facade solution

Structure integrated solar solutions

solar facade mounted against the wall with ventilation, frameless solar panels

solar facade mounted against the wall with ventilation, frameless solar panels

facade bipv solution

facade bipv solution


For the fastening/mounting of solar modules to vertical walls/slanted walls or facades, we offer mounting systems and fastening systems for various facade surfaces and in different designs.

solar panels mounted on facade

solar panels mounted on facade, solar panel on wall

Shading is an important part of low energy building design that minimises glare and over heating caused by excessive solar gain. The use of louvres or brise soleil to shade south facing facades is a proven means of reducing solar gain, reducing the need for artificial cooling. Solar shading also reduces glare for PC users and increase occupant comfort whilst generating clean renewable electricity.


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Revitalise a facade with solar energy


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plug-and-play-solar-shade, plug directly into your wall socket