Invest in solar projects

Interested in investing in solar energy?

Solar constructions is a developer and operator of utility-scale photovoltaic plants. It vertically integrates all the necessary components for a successful solar plant.

Solar Constructions offers several investment packages for large scale solar power plants. Our main focus are solar fields and industrial roof solar installations. Solar power plants and solar field/solar power stations offer great opportunities to create clean energy.

Solar Constructions is a multinational company. The company continues to be a pioneer in the development of solar photovoltaic energy, specializing in:

  • Development
  • Financing and Administration
  • Construction
  • Asset Management
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Consulting

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Your partner in sustainable renewable investments.

The life of a PV power plant is about 25 years,1MWp photovoltaic power plant,can generate 30 million kWh of electricity,and can save 12,100 tons of standard coal,while reducing the emissions of 22,000 tons of dust, 29,600 tons of carbon dioxide and 9137 tons of sulfur dioxide.

Invest in solar, invest in a cleaner future. We are a developer and operator of utility-scale photovoltaic plants. We are investors and developers of renewable energy infrastructure, with a commitment to long-term investment in the sector.


Invest in solar utility-scale photovoltaic plants; Invest in solar projects