Battery bank – energy storage

Battery banks for your energy storage. A battery bank is the result of joining two or more batteries together for a single application to store energy.
Battery packs allow you to store you solar energy or wind energy and use it when you want it.
Utility companies are no longer needed wit this battery energy backup system.  

Independence from the electric grid is reachable with battery storage technology from solar systems or windturbines. Energy storage unts offer independence from the utility grid and the security of an emergency backup.

There are 2 ways to successfully connect two or more batteries. The first is Series and the second is Parallel.

Series adds the voltage of the two batteries, but keeps the same amperage rating (also known as Amp Hours).
The other type of connection is Parallel. Parallel connections will increase your current rating, but the voltage will stay the same.

Battery Banks – Deep Cycle Batteries for off-grid solar power or back-up systems.
The battery bank of any off-grid renewable energy power system is one of the most complicated and costly components in your installation.

We offer 12V, 24V, or 48 Volt battery banks for use with most applications.

Battery bank energy storage

Remote independent energy system.

energy storage battery bank

energy storage battery bank, power storage

A battery bank can be composed of a single battery or multiple, interconnected batteries that work as one large battery at a required voltage and amp-hour capacity. Consumers take advantage of power companies’ lower rates during the night and use the cheaper, stored energy during peak periods.

battery bank energy storage

battery bank energy storage, battery storage systems

Regardless of how much power you generate, efficient storage and distribution of electricity will ultimately determine how reliable your system is. Managing your energy harvest efficiently is the ultimate goal for any renewable energy system, and the configuration of your battery bank plays a critical role in the overall system efficiency.

lifepo battery bank external batteries

lifepo battery bank external batteries, energy storage systems, electricity storage

Li-on battery technology provides sustainable, safe, high performance and cost-effective energy storage for long-duration fixed applications.

The energy storage market is set to grow rapidly, forecasts predict over 40GW of installed electrochemical energy storage by 2022, resulting in a storage industry.

lifepo battery bank external batteries

lifepo battery bank external batteries

Bring change to the energy infrastructure by becomming your own electricty supplier and electricity storer.

Lithium LiFePo4 batteryLithium ion battery

Lithium LiFePo4 batteryLithium ion battery, renewable energy storage systems

Home battery packs

solar battery bank lithium, home battery pack

solar battery bank lithium, home battery pack

Our LiFePO4 battery advantages:

  • Long life cycle. The total life cycle is about 2000 times, 6-7 times longer than SLA battery
  • Large current output (3C nominal, 5-8C burst)
  • Small size, light weight (1/3 weight of SLA)
  • Environmental friendly
  • Excellent safety performance: No explosion, no fire
  • Maintenance-free, saving cost
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) over SLA due to reduced maintenance and replacement costs, reduced shipping and material handling costs and lower total inventory carrying costs( battery bank energy storage)

We offer:

  • Battery cells: 20AH~300AH, different battery packs per your request
  • Full power solution: “LiFePO4 battery pack + Charger + BMS”
  • Batteries widely used in various fields: EV(electric car/Scooter/motorcycle etc.), marine, storage, UPS, telecom, Solar/Wind, electric grid, etc.
  • 2 years warranty for battery pack.
solax Solar Battery Storage Systems

Solax Solar Battery Storage Systems


Lipo batteries

1800/20-4S 14.8V 1800mAh   4cell
3300/20-4S 14.8V 3300mAh   4cell
4200/25-2S 7.4V   4200mAh   2cell
5200/25-2S 7.4V   5200mAh   2cell 

LiFeFo4 battery advantages:

High Performance
It is non-explosive & will not catch fire under collision due to overcharging or from short circuit.
High discharge rate capability :
When accelerating, the battery will have better powerful performance than other Lithium and NiMh batteries.
Long service life :
Over 6-7 years, up to 2000 cycles (under 80%DOD)
Rapid charging ability :
The battery can be charged quickly & safely to 85% within half an hour & can stand high discharge rate.
Deep Depth of Discharge (DOD) :
The batteries can be fully (100%) discharged.
Lead-acid batteries can only be discharged till 80%, otherwise they will be damaged. So with the same capacity the
LiFePO4 battery is more powerful.
High & stable Voltage :
The voltage is better than the Lead-acid (2V/cell), NiMh & NiCd (1.2V/cell).
The voltage of LiFePo4 is 3.2V/cell. The voltage will also remain from 3.2V – 2.85V within 85% of its discharge time.
No memory effect
Environmentally friendly :
Non-toxic, non-contaminating, no rare metals.
CE, UL and SGS/Rosh approved.
Wide working temperature :
Extremely cold & hot weather will not affect the performance of the battery (from -25°C to +70°C)

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3.2v100ah lifepo4 batteries

3.2v100ah lifepo4 batteries, electrical energy storage

Electrical energy storage

3.2v 50ah lifepo4 batteries

3.2v 50ah lifepo4 batteries

battery box to replace traditional sla directly

battery box to replace traditional sla directly

battery modules

battery modules, moduel safety, stability and reliability, each cell protected by PCB, built in BMS

lfp cylindrical cell

lfp cylindrical cell

lifepo4 cells

lifepo4 cells


14430 3.2V Diameter:13.9±0.02, ≤25
200-400mAh Height:43.5±0.2
14500 3.2V Diameter:13.9±0.02, ≤25
300-500mAh Height:51.4±0.2
18500 3.2V Diameter:18.1±0.02, ≤32
800-1000mAh Height:50.5±0.5
18650 3.2V Diameter:18.0±0.02, ≤45
1100- 1300mAh Height:66.5±0.2
22650 3.2V Diameter:22.0±0.02, ≤60
1700-2000mAh Height:66.3±0.2
26650 3.2V Diameter:26.0±0.02, ≤88
2800-3300mAh Height:67.1±0.2
32650 3.2V Diameter:32.2±0.02, ≤145
5-5.5Ah Height:70.0±0.2


Small LiFePO4 Battery for LED Light and Emergency Light

Small LiFePO4 Battery for LED Light and Emergency Light

Small LiFePO4 Battery for LED Light & Emergency Light
Model Rated Voltage(V) Rated Capacity Size(mm)(Soft PVC) Weight(Kg)
6.4V 3Ah 6.4 3 71*53*27(±1) 0.18
6.4V 5Ah 6.4 5 74*67*36(±1) 0.3
6.4V 10Ah 6.4 10 130*72*35(±1) 0.6
12V 5Ah 12V 5 132*75*37(±1) 0.6
12V 10Ah 12V 10 145*66*66(±1) 1.5
12V 20Ah 12V 20 155*136*80(±1) 3
12V 40Ah 12V 40 284*135*75(±1) 5.5
24V 5Ah 24V 5 136*85*70(±1) 1.5
24V 10Ah 24V 10 295*80*66(±1) 3
24V 20Ah 24V 20 284*145*77±1) 5.5




12V Standard LiFePO4 Battery to Replace SLA Directly

12V Standard LiFePO4 Battery to Replace SLA Directly

12V Standard LiFePO4 Battery to Replace SLA Directly
Model Rated Voltage(V) Rated Capacity Size(mm)(Soft PVC) Weight(Kg)
12V 5Ah 12V 5 151*65*95 ≤1.0
12V 10Ah 12V 10 151*98*98 ≤1.5
12V 20Ah 12V 20 181*76*167 ≤3.0
12V 30Ah 12V 30 175*175*118 ≤4.5
12V 40Ah 12V 40 197*165*195 ≤5.5
12V 50Ah 12V 50 197*165*195 ≤7.0
12V 60Ah 12V 60 260*168*232 ≤9.0
12V 80Ah 12V 80 323*173*215 ≤12
12V 100Ah 12V 100 323*173*215 ≤15
12V 120Ah 12V 120 341*173*283 ≤17
12V 150Ah 12V 150 341*173*283 ≤25
12V 200Ah 12V 200 525*270*220 ≤35
12V 260Ah 12V 260 525*270*220 ≤40



solar energy storage LiFePo4 battery

solar energy storage LiFePo4 battery, big batteries

Solar Energy Storage LiFePO4 Battery
Model Rated Voltage(V) Rated Capacity Size(mm)(Soft PVC) Weight(Kg)
12V 300AH 12V 300 387*255*361(±2) 51
12V 500AH 12V 500 610*440*362(±2) 72
24V 200AH 24V 200 497*400*201(±2) 65
24V 400AH 24V 400 548*390*363(±2) 120
24V 600AH 24V 600 778*438*368(±2) 180
48V 100AH 48V 100 608*410*198(±2) 65
48V 200AH 48V 200 580*440*450(±2) 125
48V 300AH 48V 300 740*411*447(±2) 170




Low Speed Vehicles LiFePO4 Battery

Low Speed Vehicles LiFePO4 Battery


Model Rated Voltage(V) Rated Capacity Size(mm)(Soft PVC) Weight(Kg)
24V 10Ah 24 10 373*121*86 3
36V 10Ah 36 10 388*121*86 5
48V 10Ah 48 10 370*150*83 7
72V 30Ah 72 30 375*223*220 37
72V 30Ah 72 30 645*240*172 42
72V 50Ah 72 50 582*300*180 45
72V 50Ah 72 50 480*400*258 55